National Certificate General Travel NQF 5

Each person should contribute to the smooth running of the office and as such should help others wherever possible. The right attitudes will lead to more efficient operations with greater respect for others. All staff should be able to do basic maintenance and replenishment of consumables.

This is the first segment of this Online Learning Foundation Programme. The learner is welcomed by the Programme Director and Learner Support Manager. This segment is non-examinable, however, the Online Learning System is designed to monitor and track all learner activities with regards to this segment. The duration of this segment is ½ Day.

By submitting a Learner Declaration, learners acknowledge that they have readunderstoodand accept the terms and conditions stipulated in the Learner Handbook.

Learners will not be permitted to proceed with the Programme unless they have downloaded and read the  handbook whereafter the learner declaration must be accepted.

Please note that you need to open all the segments and attachments within this course to ensure that you fully understand the blended learning approach.